Time alone with God with a pen in hand makes for a supernatural experience.  God changed my life!  Now I'm using my spiritual gift as a singer/songwriter to proclaim the Gospel to the entire world. 
— Bob Davidson


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The album Shine On is founded on God's grace and the transformation within the life of a singer/songwriter who for many years played the honky-tonks and smoke filled bar rooms all across America.  You see, I grew up on a stage and for many years lived in a world of darkness by living the typical musician's lifestyle that began to spiral out of control. I had accepted Christ into my life at the very young age of 12 years old. But it wasn't until June of 2017 that GOD picked me up.  After rededicating my life to Christ, he laid upon my heart to perform and to write this entire project.  Today I have launched a brand new music ministry with what I call "BOB STYLE GOSPEL" It's Christian Country with a world sound. And with the support and purchase of this album you will be helping me spread the GOSPEL around the globe and beyond. The songs you will hear on this album are songs of Hope, Love and Faith.  Blessings to you all and in the name of Jesus.  SHINE ON!
~ Bob Davidson

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